what to take with you


International passport  
OMS Medical Policy  
Tight case for storing documents and money  
International Insurance  


Sneakers with "Gortex" (for acclimatization hikes)  
Trekking boots (for climbing) Rent is possible
Flip flops, shower slippers (optional)  


Warm jacket / puff (synthetic winterizer or down) Rent is possible
Waterproof and windproof jacket and pants (better than Gorteks) Rent is possible
Sweatpants (wool / polartek / fleece, thermal underwear)  
Warm sweater or jacket (polartek / fleece) Rent is possible
Thin sweater (wool / polartek / fleece, thermal underwear)  
Long-sleeve shirt  
T-shirts with long sleeves, for exits 2-3 pieces
Shorts, sports trousers for trekking (trousers are better for exits)  
Swimsuit, swimming trunks Optional
Thermosocks are warm or wool socks Two pairs
Socks are thin 2-3 couples
Sun Hat (Cap, Panama)  
Cap warm (wool / polartek)  
Face mask / balaclava (with strong cold wind) Rent is possible
Mittens warm (sinteponovye / down), moisture-proof and windproof Rent is possible
Gloves thin (wool / polartek) Rent is possible


Some equipment and clothing can be rented on site. Approximate prices, $ for all climbing:

Name Cost for the entire track, $
Trekking boots 20
Puff ten
Jacket membrane (rain) five
Pants - membrane (rain) five
Balaclava eight
Warm gloves eight
Sunglasses / Mask ten
Head Torch ten
Fleece jacket ten
Trekking poles ten
Thermos ten